Friday, May 10, 2013

About Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country from Europe.

Czech Republic area is 78.866 km2.

Populations in Czech Republic - 10.500.000 people.

Capital of Czech Republic is Prague.

Official language in Czech Republic is czech.

Official money (currency) in Czech Republic is czech koruna.

Calling code in Luxembourg is +140.

National day is 28 october.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Visit Brasov

Brasov is a city from Romania.
Romania is a country from Europe.
Brasov have area 267,2 km2 and 228.000 people.
Attractions in Brasov:

  • Black Church ( biserica neagra)
  • Bran Castle
  • Old Town
  • The Brasov Citadel
  • St. Bartholomew Church
Hotels in Brasov 
  • Astra Brasov Hotels
  • Hotel Rainer
  • Hotel City Center
  • Belvedere Hotel Brasov

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